Services Overview

iXi management is based in Monaco and through high-standard selection the company is only accessible to a restricted number of clients, thus assuring a tailor-made professional assistance. We provide tailor-made management for: Image Marketing, Media PR, Press and Media Representation.

Complete Management Services

iXi Management is a global management company particularly focused on assisting top sportspeople to find appropriate sponsors, sport professional teams and helps those sponsors get the best return on investment from their sponsorship.

iXi Management works closely with sports organisations, sport clubs and sport agents and through its organization creates meaningful arrangements with world-class athletes as well as exclusive interactions within the market through athlete endorsements, world-class events and sports programming.

Research of a potential sponsor's brand personality, marketing plans, strategy and territory, promotions and sports marketing, and attempts to match that sponsor with an athlete and/or Sport clubs that fits those plans.

For sports clubs, teams and athletes, successful relations with the media can lead to positive coverage with the potential for higher attendances, greater merchandise sales, and increased levels of sponsorship.

With a first class network of highly skilled professionals throughout the world, iXi Management provides its servces